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Lucky Jet strategy and tactics

Lucky Jet is a popular crash simulation game. The machine has a good payout rate, so it allows every user to win without exception. The use of mathematical strategies increases the chances of achieving a decent result. Next, we will consider some of the most successful betting tactics.

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How do I win at Lucky Jet?

Lucky Jet has a very simple plot. In this crash game, we have to observe the adventures of Lucky Joe. The main character takes off on a jetpack and gradually gains altitude.

lucky jet strategy

He can leave the screen at any time. The end of the flight will be the round stop time. The rules of the slot game are quite simple. To make a profit, you need to:

  1. Place one or more bets per round using the corresponding buttons in the main menu.
  2. Wait for the round to start.
  3. Collect your winnings until Lucky Joe flies out of the radar range.

If the player delays and fails to withdraw the money, they will lose the final bet. It is important to understand that the game can stop the round at any time. Sometimes the slot ends the session at x1.00, but often Joe’s flight is accompanied by a multiplier growth to x10 and even higher.

lucky jet tactics and strategies

The ability to influence the gameplay and the high distribution of coefficients have made the machine incredibly popular among gamblers. Therefore, there are numerous different game strategies.

The best strategies and schemes

Now it is necessary to take a closer look at various popular tactics and gaming systems. However, first, let’s note one important point – in a casino, much depends on the player’s luck and the size of the initial bankroll. There are no tactics that guarantee a 100% result. There is always a chance that something unexpected will happen in the game, and the player will lose money. Next, we will examine the most popular systems, discuss their pros and cons.

lucky jet strategy game


The Martingale strategy is one of the most sought-after casino schemes. It is easy to understand and suitable for both beginners and experienced players. However, this tactic involves a progressive increase in bet sizes in the event of a loss. Therefore, many customers find this model unsuitable due to the high risk involved.

lucky jet algorithm

The tactic is extremely convenient and simple to use. To apply it, the user needs to:

  1. Place a bet before the start of the round.
  2. Wait for Lucky Joe to take off.
  3. Claim the winnings if the odds reach x2.0.

If Lucky Joe stops the game early, it is necessary to double the bet. Such doublings should be done until the player claims the winnings. The winning round will cover previous losses and result in a profit equal to the initial bet.

how to win in Lucky Jet

The tactic may seem effective and almost guaranteed to win, but it has several significant drawbacks. Among the negatives, we can list:

  • Rapid growth of cumulative losses in a series of defeats;
  • Possibility of reaching the slot limit;
  • Psychological stress of the player;
  • Slow reaction of the gambler.

It is not possible to completely eliminate these drawbacks, but there are several important tricks. The first two problems are solved quite simply – the gaming session should start with the minimum bet.

The slot limits will suffice for 15 or more consecutive losing bets. The probability of x2.00 not appearing during all the listed rounds is extremely low. In this case, the player needs to build up their bankroll in advance and not worry about their balance being depleted.

how to play lucky jet

Psychological tension makes it difficult to endure a series of consecutive losses. Therefore, we advise treating Lucky Jet as a regular game and not perceive it as a means of earning money.

The player may also encounter issues due to slow reaction times. The client places a bet, Lucky Joe reaches the required multiplier, but the player simply fails to claim the winnings, and the round stops at x2.01. In such cases, we recommend setting up an automatic withdrawal function.

The game will automatically cash out the winnings as soon as the necessary final indicator is reached.

The Reverse Martingale

The Martingale tactic involves doubling the bet in case of a loss, while this scheme requires increasing the bet size in case of a win. It is based on the calculated regularity by players: Lucky Jet often gives series of two multipliers x2.00 and higher in a row. Therefore, to use the system, you need to:

  1. Set automatic withdrawal of winnings at x2.00.
  2. Place a certain amount of money on the round.
  3. Wait for the necessary coefficient to appear.
  4. Double the bet size.
lucky jet game schematics

After the second consecutive win, it is advisable to set the bet to the initial level. The slot Lucky Jet is capable of producing a series of 3 or more x2.00 multipliers. However, we do not recommend pushing your luck too far. It’s better to take home less money but almost guarantee prizes.

Expectations of large coefficients

This betting strategy in Lucky Jet is suitable for patient players willing to take a big risk. It involves waiting for high multipliers and cashing out significant winnings. The slot often ends the gaming session at x5.00 and higher. For a gambler to apply this strategy, they need to:

  1. Predetermine what multiplier they consider acceptable.
  2. Set up auto withdrawal at the necessary parameters.
  3. Place the desired amount per round and wait for the session to end.

It is important to understand a simple rule: as the potential profitability increases, so do the final risks. This means that the likelihood of getting a x5.00 multiplier is much higher than x7.00.

lucky jet win

To increase your chances of earning, we recommend using information about the timing of the last rounds’ completion. This allows you to estimate when the slot will produce good multipliers and to enter the game only at the right moment.

However, it should be understood that Lucky Jet operates based on a random number generator. Therefore, all forms of statistics in this game are more of an informative nature.

Two bets per round

In the game interface, you can immediately notice 2 fields for placing bets. Therefore, various betting systems with insurance can be used. Among players and bloggers, models of playing at minimum and maximum bets have become popular. To use it, you need to:

  1. Place 2 bets for different amounts.
  2. Set automatic withdrawal for the maximum bet at a multiplier of x1.20-1.30.
  3. Track Lucky Joe’s trajectory and withdraw the winnings from the minimum bet upon reaching the desired multiplier.

The bet sizes should be chosen in such a way that the winnings from the maximum bet cover the potential losses from the minimum bet.

Lucky Jet Tactics

This system is justified by the fact that small multipliers in the slot machine come up quite frequently. Larger multipliers are rarer, but they allow you to take serious dividends.


It’s better to combine different tactics and tailor them to your own temperament. This will yield excellent results and allow you to enjoy the game.


Are there tactics that are guaranteed to win?

No, there are no such strategies for playing Lucky Jet.

Can I use these game models if I'm betting from a smartphone?

Yes, the tactics fit different devices.

What is the best strategy to choose?

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