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Playing Lucky Jet is possible for real money and for free. The demo version of Lucky Jet adventures is available to regular website visitors as well as account-holding players. We have figured out how to start the trial period and what benefits it provides. Let’s look at the situation in more detail.

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Features of the game in the demo Lucky Jet

Bets in the demo version Lucky Jet slot have a number of distinctive features. These include:

  • Exclusion of personal expenses. After launching the casino demo, in-game currency is credited for free. All bets are placed using these credits. There is no need to spend personal funds to place bets. If a player loses the allocated funds, simply refreshing the page will prompt the slot to credit new free credits, allowing continued play.
  • The exception of winnings. In the event of a win, Lucky Jet credits the winnings in the same free credits. Real prizes or casino bonuses are not available when playing the demo version. Such payouts are not provided even if the gambler claims the slot’s maximum prize.
  • The interface of the demo version of the game is not different from the original. Here you will see the same fields for placing bets, a scale, and the results of previous rounds. On the left side of the slot, you can observe the bets and winnings of other players. The central area of the screen displays Lucky Joe’s flight and the gradual multiplier growth. The right side features the player chat.
  • This social game shows the same results for those who bet money and those who use the demo version. That is, if in the current demonstration round the slot ended the game with a multiplier of x2.05, then the same results were obtained by those who bet real funds.
  • The demo and base versions do not differ in terms of game settings. In each case, the developers ensure a 97% RTP. Moreover, you can verify the fairness of each round using a special cryptographic algorithm. This eliminates the adjustment of the gaming machine.
lucky jet to play for free

Therefore, the demo version is the perfect way to get to know the Lucky Jet slot. You will understand the features of the game.

How to play Lucky Jet demo

Playing the demo Lucky Jet is quite simple. To start this exciting slot, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the casino portal.
  2. Find the game.
  3. Hover over the preview.
  4. Select the “Demo” version.

After that, the site will load the trial version of the game. All you have to do is place a bet and claim your winnings.

Lucky Jet demo account

Lucky Jet game is optimized for various devices. You can test your luck using smartphones and tablets. Both the base and demo versions of the machines are available on these devices. This means that you can play the trial version of the crash simulation not only on PC but also on mobile gadgets. The rules for starting the game are not particularly different: you need to find the slot and select the required version.

Pre-registration is not required to access the demo. In other words, every visitor to the site can activate the trial period of the machine without exception.

How demo counter works

In the demo version of Lucky Jet, the game operates on the same principles as the main game. The machine initiates a round and starts multiplying. As Lucky Joe’s flight time increases, the size of the winnings grows. You need to claim the profit before the main character flies off the game screen.

lucky jet online game

In the demo version, you can place bets on one or several fields at once. The payout for each option remains the same. This means that there is no need to monitor different multipliers here at all.

Furthermore, in the demo version of the game, the machine awards prizes in the form of internal free credits. Considering real winnings is only necessary after switching to the full version of the slot.

The benefits of playing Lucky Jet

Using the demo version of the Lucky Jet game provides the user with a variety of advantages. In combination, they allow for optimizing the gameplay process and achieving more appealing final results. Some clear benefits include:

  • Testing gaming strategies;
  • Creating a customized betting methodology;
  • Verifying the slot’s performance;
  • Entertainment and enjoyable pastime.
lucky jet play free online

Each of the listed benefits is significant. Therefore, we will consider these options in more detail.

Testing gaming strategies

Lucky Jet game is popular among gamblers. Unlike classic slots, this simulation provides more opportunities for actions. Here, you can choose the time to exit the round yourself and use various gaming strategies based on that.

lucky jet demo

There are many active tactics. Some options have gained high popularity among players, while others are hardly used by gamblers. The demo version will allow you to test the game model and understand whether it is worth using the mentioned system for real money bets.

Testing strategies will occur without any real costs. You won’t have to spend anything in principle

Creating your own betting strategy

Some players come to the casino to develop their own betting strategy. Searching for options and trying different solutions with personal funds is very expensive. Until the gambler creates an effective gaming system, they will lose a lot of money. Therefore, slot demonstrations exclude additional risks.

lucky jet play online

They have the same basic settings as the main machine. You can place bets in real time and not worry about extra expenses. The slot will allow you to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After obtaining acceptable results, all that’s left is to activate the full version of the simulation. As a result, you will be able to claim your winnings without much risk.

Slot machine testing

Lucky Jet – a popular simulation both among experienced gamblers and novices. Beginners often find it difficult to get acquainted with new machines. The demo version of the game is considered an ideal option for familiarization. You will be able to place bets, set the necessary settings, claim winnings, and perform many other actions.

lucky jet demo play

Entertainment and fun pastime

Some users come to online casinos for real winnings. They dream of hitting the jackpot and solving their financial problems. Other players use slots just for the thrill of gambling. However, a certain category of customers plays solely out of boredom.

Demo Lucky Jet – the perfect solution for such customers. The trial version of the machine allows you to relax, kill time, and truly enjoy the gaming process.

lacky jet demo play game


The trial version of slots is suitable for both experienced players and beginners. With its help, you can test new strategies, analyze your own actions, and optimize the gaming process. The demonstration opens up a wealth of additional possibilities.


Who is the trial version of the game suitable for?

It is suitable for all clients without exception.

Will I be able to play the demo from my smartphone?

Yes, such an option is possible.

Why can't you claim real prizes in the demo?

The game slot pays out prizes in internal currency as it only allows bets to be placed with free credits.

I've run out of credits, what should I do?

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